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Originally Posted by Sworoth View Post
I did not even know there was a Transphasic torpedo launcher out there, that was called a rapid fire transphasic torpedo launcher. One player told me it was a bridge officer ability, sto wiki says its a launcher, so now i am confused.

What is it?
Where can i get one?
Hehe any help would be nice thanks

Oh ya one last question awhile back a dev posted that hyper impulse engines increase weapon power, he said this to explain a nerf that was coming that direction, i did not know this was true. Do hyper impulse engines increase weapon power?
Okay, the Rapid Fire Transphasic Torpedo launcher is indeed a launcher, not a skill. You can get it by doing the Deferi/Breen missions. I can't remember the exact mission but it is a reward for one of the earlier ones, I believe.

I believe you may be remembering a conversation about the Efficient Impulse Engines. They said they were going to nerf it because it was considered overpowered because it provided buffs to all systems, instead of just one. I'm not sure if this nerf has gone through yet. I made sure to do the mission with all of my captains before it happened so that I would have the grandfathered version. That was over two months ago now though.