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# 1 ENG Captain flying T4 Defiant?
07-28-2011, 07:04 PM
So I'm a bit curious and just looking to mix things up a bit with my new engineering captain that I am leveling now. This is my 3rd Engineer and have used the Galaxy at Captain level with the previous two. Wanted to switch things up a bit and try an escort at Tier 4 instead of the Galaxy mainly because I want to fly something different and the idea of having all my nifty Engineering skills while using an Escort seems like it might be fun.

Only really considering this for one rank level, as I love the Sovereign and would be using that after I surpassed Captain. My only worry is that I will lose a lot of effectiveness not having the Escort Captain skills from the first few ranks. Anyone tried this?

Edit: Potential Build(thought I'd post this just for kicks, everything MKVIII)

Fore: Tetryon Cannon X1, Tetryon Dual Cannons X1, Tetryon Dual Heavy Cannons X1, Breen Rapid Fire Transphasic Torpedo Launcher
Aft: Either 2X Tetryon Beam Arrays or Tetryon Turrets

Deflector - Breen
Engines - Breen
Shields - Reman

Note: I like using the transphasics concept wise and I've actually found them fairly effective with the rapid fire launcher and high yield II on my Excelsior, hence why I use the Breen engines and deflector for the transphasic bonus stats, plus I like the +engine power on the Breen engines.

Consoles: Would focus on shield and weapon power for Engineering, Emitters and Deflector for Science, and Tetryon and Transphasic for Tactical

For BOs I'm thinking something like this with my current BOs and their skill sets.

Tac - Lt: High Yield Torpedo I, Cannon Rapid Fire I, C: Tactical Team I, High Yield Torpedo II, Cannon Rapid Fire II
Sci - E: Tachyon Beam I, L: Science Team I, Hazard Emitters II