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My latest engineer toon is bugged.

I have gained the max amount of skill points 72700 and spent them all with nothing spared, even wasted a respec and spent them all again. still nothing.

I can't buy my LG ship because it says i'm not LG . However i have completed the all the promotion quests and bought all the ships from every tier. I have two ships from the BG rank tier and no ship tokens left except 1 starship plaque and i cant use it because its says im not LG.

My skill bar is stuck on major general 6 and it wont rank me to LG1

I have been back to the great hall 3 times, no promotion quests are available and there is nothing in my missions list as being left uncompleted or available to take.

I have a support ticket created and am waiting a response.

Ticket Number = #1167458
Screenshot = LINK