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07-28-2011, 10:38 PM
Originally Posted by minionsoldier View Post
I would swap the tetryons for phasers the random subsystem disable is really nice and tbh in most pve combat you'll find that in a single pass with CRF up you will tear the shields right off your target regardless of the tetryon bonus. When you factor in the increased sp cost and dubious bonus of tetryons they really arent worth it.

When i flew the tier 4 defiant I used phasers in the same configuration you describe with turrets in the rear and quantums which i had macro'ed to high yield . I have a macro keyboard and have it set to drop certain buff (when avail) when firing on a target APA and CRF when i would begin my attack and as soon as i saw shields were gone i would HYT and fire quantums this made every pass pretty much a one shot (so to speak) kill.

I see that your using alot of FE drops as equipment and that's good but if you have a max level crafter you can create the very-rare versions of the above weapons and that combined with a defiant is unholy terror in pve.

enjoy the ship!
Yeah my crafting score is still on the low end which is annoying because I have most of the parts and samples to make the higher end stuff but haven't worked on it enough to get the lower end crafting out of the way.

The only reason for Tetryons was I wanted to try a new concept, pretty much all my fed toons to this point have been all phasers and quant/photon torps and I wanted to mix it up a bit since I find PvE even at Elite to be somewhat easy. I decided I'd either go with Plasma or Tetryon and have tried a full set of both on my Excelsior and ended up liking the Tetryons better. Will look into your suggestions though and give it a try.