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07-28-2011, 11:44 PM
I don't think anyone has done any more testing then what was already referred.

You don't really need that much "math" analysis to figure out if there is a difference.

But to the numbers you found: What effects did disable your subsystems? ~3 could be 5 seconds, meaning it was a phaser proc, I don't know which effect would disable a subsystem for 10 seconds - Viral Matrix or Boarding Party perhaps? Or was it always the same source (player, skilling, power)?

For testing, it would probably be sufficient at first to try two ships with 2 different skillings of Subsystem Repair. One ship with a low innate crew, and one with a high innate crew.
You could later make a test where you try to kill the target ship's crew first. (Probably keeping firing on it for a while but allow it to heal should do that trick.)
The attacker should use the same powers against each ship, without changing his skills for them.

Unfortunately I have already dispatched BigRedJedi to research cloak/stealth and stealth sight. :p He likes to do these illuminating experiments.