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07-29-2011, 12:21 AM
The ethical debate surrounding battlecloaks is ridiculous the battle cloak is like any combat tool which adds survivability and is no less valid in game then using shields to protect your ship.

Battle cloaks are just the favourite complaint of the underskilled . Ask anybody who loves to harp on battle cloak to post fraps of them selves pvp'ing and getting killed by it and they won't do it. Why because the second they throw that up on youtube they know that they will have the comments start rolling in " whats that doing on your bar!" " where did you get that build" "wtf is that doing on your ship/class" " dude lol...." and they will have just proved that it wasn't the enemy that killed them it was their ignorance in game mechanics.

Finally considering the fact that battle cloak has a 20sec CD after decloaking and how flimsy a BoP really is. If you can't either ensnare or destroy that ship within those 20sec you and your team have already done so many things wrong with your skills/equip that the battle cloak wont really make a difference anyhow you were dead before you even queued for pvp.