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07-29-2011, 12:27 AM
I read both Mustrum and BigRed's posts about the viability of Subsystems repair a ways back and respeced two of my toons out of it, (they had 9s in it before). I have noticed no appreciable difference between them and the five other toons I have that still have Subsystems Repair maxed. I did get hit with a Target Subsystems: Engines the other week that took forever to shake but I think it would have taken just as long to shake if I had Subsystems repair maxed.

I would be happy to be a target with my non Subsystem repair and maxed Subsystem Repair toons if one of the PvP math gurus would like to use me as a test subject. I am on mornings Pacific time and all night Sunday if that helps. You can PM me or ping me on TenForwardForum chat, TTS chat, and KDFAssistance.

Lets see I have a KDF LtG tac in a cruiser with it maxed and a Fed VA tac in an escort without it and I have two VA engies, one in a Fleet Escort and the other in the Excie, that I can set up for the test. That way we can rule out career just in case that might me a factor. I also have a MG2 Sci in a BoP and a Capt8 Fed Sci in a SV.

If I can help let me know.