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07-29-2011, 12:31 AM
Top 5 Worst Powers to Replace Abandon Ship With
  1. Abandon Hope - Sure, this doesn't do anything to the bad guys shooting up your ship, but it makes you realize it was inevitable in the first place. Just let it happen and welcome the darkness. Game Effect: Brings ship to a complete stop and lowers shields.
  2. Abandon Crew - Screw them! What did they ever do for you anyway except state the glaringly obvious and throw plasma grenades at you in ground combat? Might as well bolt while you can. Game Effect: Transports you to your shuttle / yacht / fighter, where the Engine power is set to 100 and the Evasive Maneuvers ability is flashing a tempting green.
  3. Surrender - Holy crap!! Those ships are seriously trying to kill you!! That's bad!! Replace the cold certainty of death with the warm painful ignominy of capture and torture. But you're still alive, and that's really what matters. Don't worry, your pitiful whining and "do what you want with my crew but please don't hurt me" begging will grate on even the most hardened captors (even the Borg) and they'll trade you back to your faction - minus your ship and crew, of course. Game Effect: Immediately ends combat with your defeat and the capture of you, your ship and crew. After a 1 hour lockout during which your character cannot be played, you are returned to your primary home base. All of your equipped gear and anything in your Inventory, along with your current ship and commissioned BOffs, are gone.
  4. Launch Crew - Desperate times call for desperate measures. Firing airlocks full of crew at the enemy ships is just the surprise tactic they'll never see coming. Your crew will float through enemy shields and grab onto the hull, where they'll make their way to external hatches, gain entry and destroy the ships from the inside. It worked for Commander Data; it can work for you. Well, it kind of worked that way for Data. I mean, yeah, the Scimitar was badly damaged, not moving and didn't have it's shields up, but basically it worked that way. Game Effect: Depletes crew at an alarming rate before you're destroyed by enemy fire. That's it. No, it's not kind of like Boarding Party. Yes, this sucks.
  5. Pakled Gambit - Pakleds are adorable!! Yeah, they're about as sharp as a clay nail and they kinda smell like a day old Spam can, but even Nausicaans usually won't kill them. You need to convince the bad guys that you're just a bunch of Pakleds and this whole shooting thing is just a big misunderstanding. You know how Pakleds talk from watching that holo-novel 'My Eyebrow, I'm Smart' so this should be a piece of cake!! Game Effect: Interrupts combat and opens a dialog box ("audio-only hailing frequencies") giving you several options to impersonate a Pakled. Most options will result in failure and a resumption of combat, but one will work - sometimes. Hey, what do you want - it's a gambit. During the dialog your hull will not repair and your shields will not regen.