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07-29-2011, 01:54 AM
Originally Posted by Chookhlo View Post
Yeah, it bugged me as well, so the crew that wears that uniform just doesn't use the belt, except the first officer (who happens to be female). My Admiral wears the Mirror TOS belt instead, which actually lines right up (go figure).

Well, its probably a bit trickier than that, since you'd have to do it without stretching or chopping the texture around it (the Jupiter uniforms, particularly that one, have wonderfully detailed maps all over), and of course you'd have to make sure the specular and normal maps stayed synched up to the changes as well, or you'd get all kinds of ugliness going on. MIGHT be relatively trivial, depending on how their source files are set up, but then again maybe not.
Being a 3D modeller myself, it SHOULD be trivial. Off the top of my head, assuming a UV map that has been placed on the Y-X axis, the only change that should really be necessary (and this is a dirty solution) is to select "X" area of the texture, and for each variant you have (Bump, Specular, Normal, Colour, etc) apply the same vertical movement of, let's say, 50 pixels.

So long as the alterations to each texture are the same - and this can be done with exacting precision with some of Photoshop's action-record tools - the change is easy.

It's a trivial solution, assuming their textures were made to be as simple (which is good) as possible.