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07-29-2011, 03:25 AM
Originally Posted by Chookhlo View Post
Well, messy is the key issue - its not like the only thing on the texture there is the belt. there's mottling and seams and such all over that thing - every inch seems to be detailed. The only way I can see it being relatively trivial is if the appropriate elements (the belt elastic and associated shadowing) are still on their own layers in Photoshop, and its simply a matter of shifting them down a bit. If they're baked in, or the under-layer is otherwise customized to support the belt there, its going to get a lot messier to move it, with alot of cleanup of the big rectangular blank spot you'll be leaving where the belt used to be. Hardly impossible, but not precisely trivial, as then you're talking about a partial re-paint.
Any CG or texture artist worth his salt knows the clone-stamp tool is the single most brilliant tool in photoshop. :p

If we were talking about amateurs, I would concede your point, but the people running this gig are professional artists. Such a basic change in a texture really should be a non-issue.