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I've been looking around at the different inclusive bonuses for the virtual plethora of different releases STO has, such as the Gold, Collector's, Digital Deluxe and so on.

I have two main questions regarding these, and a third related one:

1. Can I add the code for two different box types (Collector's and DD, for example) and obtain the bonuses from both? (I believe I received some outfits with the DD edition I already have, and the Collector's edition apparently has some other outfits along with that snazzy badge, of course.)

2. Will I get the 30 days playtime from the extra box I add? (Say I add a Gold box to my already DD-enabled account, which is currently using the 30 days inclusive playtime, will I have another 30 days added?)

And finally, if I'm able to redeem that playtime;

3. If I were to, say, purchase two copies of the original basic edition could I add the code from each box and obtain 30 days for each (an extra total of 60 days playtime).

I've seen a few posts about CO players that have been able to use multiple codes on the same account, and since I was able to extend my demo when it was disabled by adding a friend-referral code I expect that something similar will work, I'm just curious as to whether I'd get any extra playtime as well.