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07-29-2011, 06:40 AM
Originally Posted by Flyk
1. Can I add the code for two different box types (Collector's and DD, for example) and obtain the bonuses from both? (I believe I received some outfits with the DD edition I already have, and the Collector's edition apparently has some other outfits along with that snazzy badge, of course.)
Yes. Each code is separate, and can claimed once for each account.

Originally Posted by Flyk
2. Will I get the 30 days playtime from the extra box I add? (Say I add a Gold box to my already DD-enabled account, which is currently using the 30 days inclusive playtime, will I have another 30 days added?)
Yes. Each code applies all the awards for that code to the account, regardless of what has been applied previously.

Originally Posted by Flyk
And finally, if I'm able to redeem that playtime;

3. If I were to, say, purchase two copies of the original basic edition could I add the code from each box and obtain 30 days for each (an extra total of 60 days playtime).
No. As mentioned before, you can apply a code for each game time once per account.

For reference, this is what I have on my account. note that I have multiple game types, but that I only have each type once. The two "Digital Deluxe" versions are actually separate types. One came from Amazon, one came from Steam.

Activated Features
  • Star Trek Online - Digital Retail (STO site)
  • Star Trek Online Public Test Shard
  • Star Trek Online - Retail Collectors Edition (Amazon)
  • Star Trek Online - Digital Deluxe (Amazon)
  • Star Trek Online - Retail (Target)
  • Star Trek Online - Digital Deluxe (Steam)