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Edit: I found this interesting.

This is from the Deep Space Nine Technical Manual for the Akira

■Production Base: ASDB Integration Facility, Antares Fleet Yards, Antares IV.
Type: Heavy Cruiser. ■Accommodation: 500 officers and crew; 4,500 personnel evacuation limit.
■Power Plant: One 1,500 plus Cochrane warp core feeding two nacelles; one impulse system.
■Dimensions: Length, 464.43 meters; beam, 316.67 meters; height, 87.43 meters.
■Mass: 3,055,000 metric tonnes.
■Performance: Warp 9.8 for 12 hours.
■Armament: Six type-10 phaser emitters; two photon torpedo launchers.

Just thought that was interesting.
just to point out, there are actually very few Escorts in starfleet, so they had to do something besides putting in every ship as a cruiser and like 1-2 science ships.....