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07-29-2011, 10:30 AM
Originally Posted by Flyk
I've been looking around at the different inclusive bonuses for the virtual plethora of different releases STO has, such as the Gold, Collector's, Digital Deluxe and so on.

I have two main questions regarding these, and a third related one:

1. Can I add the code for two different box types (Collector's and DD, for example) and obtain the bonuses from both? (I believe I received some outfits with the DD edition I already have, and the Collector's edition apparently has some other outfits along with that snazzy badge, of course.)

2. Will I get the 30 days playtime from the extra box I add? (Say I add a Gold box to my already DD-enabled account, which is currently using the 30 days inclusive playtime, will I have another 30 days added?)

And finally, if I'm able to redeem that playtime;

3. If I were to, say, purchase two copies of the original basic edition could I add the code from each box and obtain 30 days for each (an extra total of 60 days playtime).

I've seen a few posts about CO players that have been able to use multiple codes on the same account, and since I was able to extend my demo when it was disabled by adding a friend-referral code I expect that something similar will work, I'm just curious as to whether I'd get any extra playtime as well.
I think the 'days stacking rule works liike this:

You get 30 days for the first one of each type you have, EG. You create your account using the digital download edition - and get 30 days for that. You them by a copy of the standard Box edition and get the items and another 30 ndays for that; you then buy a copy of the collectors edition, ansd get the items and another 30 days for that.

Later; lets say you see that copys of the standard edition are going for $5.00 and you pick up a second copy and add the key - if it's from a vendor that had different pre-order items, you WILL get those items, BUT, as you already had a 'standard box edition' registered, and got 30 days from that first one, you won't get 30 more 'free' days from the second key.