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07-29-2011, 09:36 AM
I think I read in quite a few threads that the Odyssey is going to be a cruiser class. Makes sense I guess. Besides the NX-Class all the classes that have previously bared the name Enterprise in STO have been cruisers (TOS Corrie, Corrie, Excel Refit, Galaxy, Sov).
As long as it handles well (like the Excelsior… maybe Sov with RCS) I’ll be happy.

With concerns to a Fed Carrier I don’t really have an opinion if Feds should have it or not. If the Feds did get one however it should be the Typhon-Class from Star Trek: Invasion (assuming Copyrights/Usage Rights can be cleared up… hate legal stuff that holds up games sometimes :p ).

With concerns to haveing more variety of ships at VA, personally I’d like to see an Akira Refit (I know this has been argued in other threads, and I don’t wanna get into a new one). But considering it was supposed to be a powerful Torpedo Gunboat and was the test bed for a lot of the tech used in the Sovereign class I think it deserves some love. I know a LOT of people who would like it for their VA.

On a silly personal whim I wouldn’t even mind seeing a Nova class Re-fit despite its size and power lol