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07-29-2011, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by Tenkari
I could have sworn i read somewhere that they changed it so you no longer get the free time when adding more than one edition to an account.
This is true. While the bonuses stack, and I suspect you might get one free 30 day period, you no longer get 30 free days with each code. Wishstone made a post about it a while back, so I guess you could search her posts for the actual confirmation.

Edit: Aha! Found it!

So there is no benefit in using multiple codes of the same type. If I were you, I would look at the various editions (Collector's, Digital Deluxe, etc.) and figure out which bonuses are worth the cost of that edition, since that's basically what you would be paying for - now that the 30 days no longer stack. They're selling for pretty cheap in various places though, so it could still be worth it, even without the 30 days. Up to you.