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07-29-2011, 01:54 PM
Stacking is still totally viable but its a bit limited now! DD versions are still brilliant though.

Boxed versions seem to no longer stack with each other at all (you only get 1x of - retail,gold,collectors etc)
Digital deluxe copys still DO stack, each adding 30 days+500c-points+whatever bonuses, as long as each DD copy is from a different retailer (e.g you can do 1xsteam,1x,d2d,1ximpulse,1xatari 1xamazon- etc)

I recently stacked another DD onto my account as of yesterday and still got everything (30days+500cpoints+a preorder item i was missing).

In total, my account has had the following added to it to date:

2x standard
2x digital standard
1x Gold edition
1x Collectors edition
7x Digital Deluxe