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07-29-2011, 04:33 PM
Originally Posted by Jermbot View Post
Tactical: Ensign (1) Lieutenant (1)
Engineer: Lieutenant (1)
Science: Lieutenant Commander (1) Commander (1)

Consoles: Tactical 2
Engineering 2
Science 4

Special Ability-Energy Siphon Torpedo, a destroyable torpedo on a 90 second cooldown. -15 Power to all subsystems followed by a +15 self buff 3 seconds later

Turn Rate 12
Hull Strength, 27,000
+15 Auxilary Power
Subsystem Targeting
Sensor Analysis
Crew 300

There she is, the next tentacle raider I wanna see in the game.
i'd say if it were to happen the siphon launches would be more like carrier pets not torps (like the NPC ones)

maybe even like the interceptors are on the marauder (clickable power no items)

other than that with a 3 - 3 weapon setup it's a fairly reasonable klingon sci ship