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07-29-2011, 04:40 PM
I've used two different stategies when dealing with Keldons. First is keep hammering on the Keldon until it is defeated. The Photonic ships go poof after it's defeated. The other is to beat on the Keldon until it summons the Photonic ships and then focus on the Photonic ships. They are much, much weaker than a real ship. Then go back to hammering on the real Keldon.

For an Escort I would use the Beat on the Keldon strategy. The issue is keeping you shields up. For that I would suggest Science Team II (assuming T5 ship) or Emergency Power to Shields and a couple of Tactical Teams. Tactical Team does a Redistribute Shield power for shields being hit. EPtS gives a Damge resitance buffs, a heal. And Sciece Team gives a bigger Heal.