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07-29-2011, 04:40 PM
Ausmonauts - Australian Fleet - Recruiting

Are you Fleet less? Do you live in the time zones of +7 (GMT) to +12 (GMT) and have no one to play with? Have you ever wanted to vaporize Rebecca Simmons or kick 6 of 10s butt? Do you get your thrills in PvP, shooting other players in the face? Are you one of those players who like to team up and accomplish things?

If this is you, the Ausmonauts are now recruiting! Our Fleet is Australian based with a smattering of players from New Zealand, The United States and Asia. The Ausmonauts are a new Fleet in Star Trek Online. However the Ausmonauts have some of the most harden, fossil encrusted Admirals to be found in game.

Now, it is YOUR chance to experience what the Ausmonauts have to offer. Fun and laughter is the normal order of the day for the Ausmonauts. The Ausmonauts use Ventrilo to communicate with each other in game. It is strongly recommended that you use Ventrilo in order to participate in certain fleet events. However the use of Ventrilo is not compulsory.

The Ausmonauts are about helping people in all aspects of Star Trek Online. Not just about shooting things in the face or constructing the ultimate ship build. We are a tight nit community that is all about supporting each other, when things go wrong. If you think you got what it takes to be an Ausmonaut.

Reach out. Grab that irresistible mugachino of concrete and visit for more information. Registering your details is easy. Fill out the small application form found “HERE”. Come and Harden up with the rest of the Princess’s.

The Ausmonauts are rated 18+ for mature audiences

The Ausmonaut Officers.