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07-29-2011, 04:58 PM
Okay, here's what I do when I'm coming up on a Keldon class ship.

1. Circle around so that you are coming in behind it. There are fewer weapons in the rear and they can't use many of their special attacks.

2. Rake their shields with Cannon Rapid Fire or Beam Overload then fire torpedoes once they drop. This usuall drops them to about half health.

3. Stick to their rear and keep firing, keeping your focus on diverting energy to your forward shields. Use Emergency Power to Shields (or Reverse Shield Polarity, Rotate Shield Frequency or Aux to Shields) when you can to boost your shield power. Tractor Beam can also be useful here to keep him where you want him.

4. Be ready with Polarize Hull Plating and when the holoships appear pop it. You can also use Brace for Impact for good measure but it probably won't be necessary. Then just ignore the holoships and finish him off.

5. If this is a wave battle or there are more ships to deal with for any reason, make sure to use either Emergency Power to Engines or Evasive Maneuvers to get out of range of the explosion. Then pop any shield buffs you can and get back to battle.

A battle with a Keldon class usually takes me about 3-5 min depending on my weapon load out.

Hope this helps.