Thread: Armor Use?
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07-29-2011, 05:01 PM
Depends on your ship type. With my Star Cruiser I run:

1x Neutronium
1x Shield Cap

and situationally the other two spots hold any combination of:

2x Plasma Dist. Manafolds (vs PUGS or low-moderate DPS premades)
1x SIF Generator (if I need the extra healing on ET)
1x Shield Regen (used when I run the Borg shields against low-moderate DPS teams)
1x Neutronium (vs shield strip builds where my hull is normally exposed and debuffed most of the game)

A single Neutronium console puts my SC at 22% hull resist, a second at 30%. I also carry Aux to SIF 3 in my heal build which will cap myself regardless of whether or not I have 2 armor consoles. Armor does help, but 1 is usually sufficient for a good pilot with a supporting team. 2 is the most I'll ever run, any more and the costs outweigh the benefits.