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07-29-2011, 05:05 PM
Originally Posted by Anglerx
I try to keep my distance from the main ship as much as possible. I try to deplete one sheild and keep hammering away with quantums and high yeild beams. The problem comes when the photonic ships appear they pound away and really knock me around so I can't keep my bearing on the depleted shield. I am in a defiant class escort (I'm a tac) but have been thinking about going to a crusier. Would this change help?
Your answer lies in Dual Heavy Cannons with Cannon rapid fire ability. Best defense is a good offense.

Approach Keldon. At 10 km, hit tac initiative, high yield torp, AP Alpha, and EptS. At 7 km, hit APB, CRF, tac team, and unload everything on him, including torps. His shields will be down by the time the torps arrive. He should go boom pretty quick. If you take damage, hit Go down fighting to finish him off.

EDIT: Can't remember if you will have some of those capt skills at your level. But I routinely fight the Keldon in one of the Eti Eridani dailies, and I rarely need to use all those buffs.