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07-29-2011, 06:18 PM
Originally Posted by Star*Dagger
Yeah, there were a few fleets who did not have the ability to fight past the 19th minute, so they lost all their matches that went longer than that. One can not achieve Victory, the entire point of battle, if they leave the battlesphere in childish tantrums

The idea of quitting an online simulation is indicative of how weak their spirit is, and how easily that spirit is crushed by those with more training and commitment. I can only imagine what they will do if ever asked to truly defend themselves.

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You incorrectly attempt to apply real-life tactics to a video game. In real-life, retreating from the "battlesphere" does in fact mean that you lose, as there are real, tangible losses. In a video game, (especially STO, where there is no incentive to win) the objective is to have fun. One is not going to have fun by waiting 20 minutes for their misguided, egotistical opponents to decloak.

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