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07-30-2011, 02:45 AM
Originally Posted by Anglerx
So I am fighting on the Cardassian front and have found I am having problems when in space combat with Keldon Class ships. No matter what I do I seem to have to respawn at least once when fighting them and I especailly run into problems once they release their photonic Galors. Any hints or suggestions?
What kind of defensive options do you have at your disposal? You should make sure you have some powers that give you shield resistance (best choice: Emergency Power to Shields - if you can fit two on your ship, you will have high protection all the time). Use them the moment you except to start taking damage to reduce the incoming damage. A Hazard Emitter will work great to heal damage to your hull.

You can entirely ignore the Photonic Ships. But if you tried fighting them and you found it took long, you might have used the wrong power settings or the wrong tactical powers, or have a bad selection of weapon. Weapon Power to the max is generally the best setting. If you use Cannons, Cannon Rapid Fire is the choice for best single target damage. If you use beams, beam overload or beam fire at will are good choices. High Yield Torpedo for torpedoes. You should also try to maneuver to keep your weapons in a firing arc (in a cruiser or science vessel, that usually means circling to fire beam broadsides, in an escort it will require you to slow down occasionally to keep the target in the front arc of your dual cannons.)