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07-30-2011, 02:33 AM
Originally Posted by Geom View Post
i don think they should be changed theres nothing wrong with them. they do do a good bit of immediate damage normally just less than quantum's. im just theorising more than anything. just redone the doomsday mission so i have 2 launchers now and am considering uses. also what if i keep my normal fore weapons ie dual heavies. dual beam bank maybe a torpedo and have 3 pengs on the fore. fly in cause the damage and just as i pass open up with the pengs. could be devastating. it would be a nightmare to try and heal . i normally just have turrets on the rear so it no really losing much
The problem is that the Torpedos function more like Tricobalts than Quantuns.. Being able to put 5 procs on an opponent within 15 seconds isnt exactly a recipe for balance.

And a escort is still better off using cannons