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07-30-2011, 02:47 AM
Originally Posted by Anglerx
I try to keep my distance from the main ship as much as possible. I try to deplete one sheild and keep hammering away with quantums and high yeild beams. The problem comes when the photonic ships appear they pound away and really knock me around so I can't keep my bearing on the depleted shield. I am in a defiant class escort (I'm a tac) but have been thinking about going to a crusier. Would this change help?
If you're using Cannons/Turrets you're better off at around 5km or less. The further out you are, the less damage your going to do. If you're using beam (Which you really shouldn't be, but if you are) then you can be further out but the same rule applies (Just not as harshly). You didn't post you're build so I'll make one up for you that I would use (Though I've never flown a Defiant, I've flown other escorts on both factions).

Lieutenant Tactical
Tac Team I, High Yield Torpedo II

Lieutenant Engineer
Engineering Team I, Emergency Power To Shields II

Lieutenant Science
Hazard Emitters I, Transfer Shield Strength II

Commander Tactical
Tac Team I, Canon Rapid Fire I, Canon Rapid Fire II, Attack Pattern Delta III

Mount Phaser or Disrupter Dual Cannons or Dual Heavy Cannons, 3 of them up front as well as a Quantum torpedo launcher. Put two turrets in the back, no need for another torpedo launcher or mines in a Defiant. Try to put atleast 110 into weapons, and around 70 into shields and be sure to use Covariant shields. Use a deflector that will boost your Emitters and Deflector, use science consoles that boost your deflector. Use weapon consoles that boost your energy weapon type, and use two EPS consoles.

Be sure to put training into Aux and Eng Efficiency, and in your case I'd probably go with Combat Impulse Engines for now (Because you're not an engineer or using EPtE). Though you might like Hyper-Impulse engines, just make sure have AUX at a minimum and SPD if you can get it.

You have 7 defense buffs with this build, 3 of which are also offensive buffs. Approach you're prey cloacked, then uncloak at around 9km while moving in at 50-75% impulse. Start firing normally for about 1 second, then activate CRF II and APD III (If you were using APB III instead you'd just power up while cloaked and unleash but APD is a lil different as the enemy has to attack you for it to proc). I chose APD for you over APB because it gives you a defensive bonus.

So do both Tac Teams, which combined with two shield heals should be able to keep your defenses up. You have Hazard Emitters should your hull take damage, as well as Engineering Team (Though that's really there to cure disabled sub-systems from Cardassian phaser proc). Don't use all your defensive buffs at once, cycle through them (as they apply healing over time and this way you are never without an available buff).

Stay close, but don't just sit there either (Move around, it changes how often shots miss you). Make attack runs, going in at a rate appropriate so that you can unload a full CRF volley then move away giving your shields a chance to heal. Then come back in when your CD is ready and do the same (Think fighter plane strafing runs). Be warned there is no Science Team on this build in case you ever get sensor jammed etc (But the Cardies won't do that to you). Feel free to put in a Science Team in place of Transfer Shield Strength if you feel that works better for you (But it will conflict with your copies of Tac Team and Eng Team).