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07-30-2011, 06:19 AM
Originally Posted by osirael View Post
Darn right it is, and I hope they are making a mint. The more they make the more they will support the game.
umm have you played STO recently ???? All the bugs, the time its taking to fix the bugs, balance issues from not testing the ground combat enough, no content for almost half a year, need i go on ?

I see it said a lot that the c-store is good because it supports the devs, but I really doubt more c-store sales are going to change the level of support we get.... In fact more of us should be asking where all the money they are currently making from subs and cstore money is going ? It isnt going back into STO thats for sure....

Ohh and i do agree the patchnotes link should open the patchnotes within the launcher... its annoying that it opens up firefox !!!!!