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07-30-2011, 09:48 AM
There are two sides to every story. STO PvP will have issues as long as there are people there just for emblems who dispise PvP and intense competition mixing with those who enjoy PvP and the challenge human players offer. I do not know the answer besides at least trying to tolerate one another.
I thought PvP emblems were added to let PvPers do what they enjoy withoit having to PvE for emblems. Now some PvE players want to chase PvP players out so they can get more emblems. And some PvP teams try to chase emblem farmers out of PvP.

It does seem very selfish to enter PvP with no intention of competing, just to get a few emblems when there are many to be had in PvE. And not everyone appreciates the smack talk of some PvPers. It can be degrading and immature...and fun with friends. Yet insulting to others.
I am not trying to insult either group. But I am a PvPer and do not appreciate people queing up that do not want or like PvP.