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07-30-2011, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by Anglerx
So I am fighting on the Cardassian front and have found I am having problems when in space combat with Keldon Class ships. No matter what I do I seem to have to respawn at least once when fighting them and I especailly run into problems once they release their photonic Galors. Any hints or suggestions?
Use my tactics - Tank the Photonic Galors, ignore them completely, and keep your fire onto the Keldon. Burn the Keldon down, because the Photonic Galors vanish when the Keldon goes up. You might want to get some hull and shield heals, or some Damage Resistance buffs. I recommend (Egineering BOff) Reverse Shield Polarity, Emergency Power to Shields, and the ever-useful Engineering Team. (Science BOff) Science Team is a pretty good shield heal, and Hazard Emitters is a hull Heal Over Time. And save MOST of these for when the Photonic Galors spawn.

Also, remember to reroute shield power to whatever shield your getting shot into (The Tactical BOff power Tactical Team will do it for you for a decent length of time). Failing that, turn your ship so that your other shields get hit.