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07-30-2011, 02:54 PM
Knowing Cryptic, you cannot be sure of anything in this game. And there have been alot of tests and alot of people saying there is no actually difference applied to any kind of subsystem disaable, be it Phaser Proc or Target subsystems. Even if this would decrease the time of how long a subsystem would be down (+52), it would be too insignificant to even bother skilling it to max. (Its not worth the skillpoint investment)

I believe +52 would be about 1,xx seconds for a phaser proc, and a few seconds for a target subsystem ability.

Ive done numberous testings with fleetmembers and the result is inconclusive. We cannot be sure, but we do not notice any difference as well when we tested this out and timed the procs and subsystem targeting.

Too much skillpoints for something you cannot verify

On a side note: You may have 1000 crew members, i have 50 on my defiant, so that would mean 10 seconds disable on your ship would be a few minutes on my Defiant? Remember that having a big crew can be achieved because you have a big ship, but a big ship also needs more repairing and maintenance. This also scales. Same goes for hull repair/crew/shipsize