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Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Unfortunately I have already dispatched BigRedJedi to research cloak/stealth and stealth sight. :p He likes to do these illuminating experiments.
And that has been 'interesting', thus far, but difficult to draw conclusions...

To the topic at hand, I will go digging through my files and see if I can find the hard numbers for the effectiveness of putting skillpoints in Subsystem Repair (or lack thereof), but, as I recall, the differences are negligible (less than 2 seconds at maximum skill). (Edit: Also, it does not scale with the amount of crew, the tests were performed on all 3 classes of vessel, to eliminate that as a possibility.)

The most compelling argument against using the skill, however, even more than its very limited usefulness, is that, unlike every other skill-box in the game, Subsystem Repair benefits ZERO BOff skills... All BOff skills in-game derive benefit from 3 skills, one Tier 1 skill, one Tier 2 skill, and one Tier 3-5 skill; Subsystem Repair is used for none of them, thus, you are essentially wasting skillpoints on a skill that gives you such a limited return, that you are handicapping yourself by putting points into it, by limiting the skillpoints that are benefiting the skills that you actually utilize.

Subsystem Repair is a holdover skill from Beta, that used to have an impact in 2-3 BOff skills, but late changes to the skill tree removed it from that role, leaving it as an evolutionary holdover, without real usefulness in the current game environment.

Originally Posted by Benjamin.Lederman
4. After all is said and done I refer to the title of this thread. Is it useful or is it fluff? before answering this ask yourself "every time I was killed in PvP was it because my systems were shut down and I couldn't fire off <name of life saving skill here>?"**
Have I asked myself this question? Yes... However, it has always been a result of being shutdown entirely, due to Photonic Shockwave or a Tricobalt weapon, and never because of a single Phaser proc or Target: Subsystem disable, thus, I would conclude that "it is fluff".

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