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07-30-2011, 05:38 PM
The biggest issue is their adpation ability. AFter a certain amount of hits, they adapt to the weapon damage type you are using (or anyone or anything else). You use the Frequency Modulations device (available from your shis Replicator) to clear the adaption. So use two different weapon damage types for your Captain. And to minimize the the numbef of times they adapt, use high burst damage type weapons. That means no Mini-Guns as cool a they are. Also AoE effect of various weapons also count towards numbers of hits. I've found Sniper Rifles, high Density Rifles, Pulswave Rifles and Split Beam Rifles work well in. Grenade Launchers work nice as well.

To avoid assimilation keep the Borg out of melee range. So keep the Borg at range. Use Roots, Holds and Sleeps to keep the Borg under Control (i.e. Gravimetric Shift, Stasis Field, Anehtizine Gas, etc). So weaposn thta down knockack and knock down are good as well, High Density And Pulsewave Rifles for example). If you must melee, keep Nanite Health Monitor at the ready. That will clear the Assimilation debuff which would lead to you getting Assimiated at 25% of health.

I acutally find the Borg easier in ground combat now. But you have to be on your toes. An encounter can quiickly turn around before you expect it. HAving 1/2 of your Away Team shooting at your is no fun.