Thread: PvP and looting
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07-30-2011, 05:12 PM
Well I just consider it food for thought and play around with the idea to see if it was possible to make it work.
Don't dismiss it right away.

Originally Posted by Iceroid View Post
when i spend 100mil EC on one piece of gear that comes from a random drop once in 1,000,000 drops, I expect that piece of gear to stay mine until I choose to discard or vendor it.

This isn't eve.
Well, you don't have to bring THAT piece of gear along then. BTW. Isn't it a bit insane to spend that much money on one piece of pixels? I don't think I ever had that much credits on all my 8 toons combined.

Originally Posted by Kemotherapy
I'd rather see more encouragement and incentive for PvP, to get more players involved. The suggestion in the OP will do neither.
As I said. player could choose to enter a casual PvP match or one of these "high stakes, everything goes" matches.
Casual would be just like it's now basically.

Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
Sure, maybe the day we get real PvP and not arena based PvP.
Death Penalties in Arena type PvP would be great fail.

Not to mentioned it would be extremely unbalanced and give cruisers a science ships one whopper of a massive advantage over Escorts, and Klingons.
You got a point here. But maybe that could be balanced out if a damage dealer gets a hihger chance to gain something in return. And of course a lose cap should be in place so you dont get stripped in one match if extremely unlucky.
1 or 2 loses per match at the max. Maybe even only 1 per day and then only on a 1% chance. Would that still be too unbalanced?