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07-30-2011, 05:13 PM
Originally Posted by Dan_Trainor
Do you mind if I steal that?
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
That's pretty interesting. I'll probably experiment with (and possibly tweak) that idea. I already do something similar in my sci ship having quantums and trics on different keys.
I always have 3 or so fire keys on ship with torps and or beams...

With cannons I still keep 2 keys for that reason.

Binding beams on another key lets you stack beam overload patterns... or hold Target Sub system attacks.

My 3 standard setups on escorts are;

All cannons... 2 fire keys... one turrets one DHC
3 DHC 1 DBB.... 3 fire keys... one turrets one DHC... one DBB
3 DHC 1(sometimes 2) Torps... 3 fire keys... torp, turrets, DHC

The most complicated setup I ever ran was 1 trop 1 beam 2 DHC and 3 turrets... for a total of 4 fire keys. Worked fine, but that takes some getting used too. I had my E key to turrets.... space bar to DHC... F key to my Beam... and I used the number 9 for the torp... Nine was a logical place to put my torp on my tray bar and I would hit it with my thumb on my naga. lol

PS scratch that for a very short time I experimented with 5 fire keys... I put a single array in the back, I had a Beam overload 3 ... and a target engines 1... I wanted to be able to hit target engines from the back but didn't want to be poping my BOL shot from it. LOL (It was short lived for a reason)