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# 1 Really I just don't get it....
07-30-2011, 06:15 PM
I have a VA tact officer that use to have dual and dual heavy AP cannons with a Quantum torpedoes in the fore. I spec out in AP and Quantum's. My tactical consoles are for AP and cannons (2 for AP's and 2 for cannons although I I have changed it around on numerous occasions). I have the Defiant retro fit class tactical ship so when I de-cloak i fire and I am lucky if I get the enemy shields all the down on the first volley and yes my power level is to attack setting. I have a Resilient Mk XI shield array with consoles that help with the shield capacity and regeneration rate. Same class ship decloaks and takes me out in less than a volley and the same incident occurs with my Sci and Eng class VA characters as well. I have respeced and tried other forms of weaponry such as phasers and the likes without success. Can anyone tell me how I can achieve the same results as others in pvp because I really don't have much of a defense against it.