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Originally Posted by BigRedJedi
And that has been 'interesting', thus far, but difficult to draw conclusions...

To the topic at hand, I will go digging through my files and see if I can find that hard numbers for the effectiveness of putting skillpoints in Subsystem Repair (or lack thereof), but, as I recall, the differences are negligible (less than 2 seconds at maximum skill). (Edit: Also, it does not scale with the amount of crew.)

The most compelling argument against using the skill, however, even more than its very limited usefulness, is that, unlike every other skill-box in the game, Subsystem Repair benefits ZERO BOff skills... All BOff skills in-game derive benefit from 3 skills, one Tier 1 skill, one Tier 2 skill, and one Tier 3-5 skill; Subsystem Repair is used for none of them, thus, you are essentially wasting skillpoints on a skill that gives you such a limited return, that you are handicapping yourself by putting points into it, by limiting the skillpoints that are benefiting the skills that you actually utilize.

Subsystem Repair is a holdover skill from Beta, that used to have an impact in 2-3 BOff skills, but late changes to the skill tree removed it from that role, leaving it as an evolutionary holdover, without real usefulness in the current game environment.

Have I asked myself this question? Yes... However, it has always been a result of being shutdown entirely, due to Photonic Shockwave, and never because of a single Phaser proc or Target: Subsystem disable, thus, I would conclude that "it is fluff".

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