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07-30-2011, 06:14 PM
I run a Quantum Torpedo, Dual Beam Bank, DHCx2 up front with a Tricobalt Torpedo and a couple of Turrets in the back on most of my Escorts. Right now I have all energy weapons but my Dual Beam Bank tied to the space bar, and I manually select 4 (Quantum), 5 (DBB), and 6 (Tricobalt) as needed. I did this so I could still pew pew with my other four energy weapons while holding onto my Beam Overload rather than just spamming it.

I really wanted to try to do something like what Husanak is describing, with a key for fore weapons, a key for for aft weapons, and still keep my torps and dual beam bank separate but it's proven to be entirely too cumbersome for me. At the rate that some keys have to be spammed just to get something to activate I couldn't (and really still struggle) to keep up with the piloting and timing.

All in all, Torpedoes really are worth it if you can work out the timing.