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07-30-2011, 10:10 PM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
2- You push a button and you're in siege mode. You power up the javelin. You then fire it by pushing a second button. The firing of the javelin shoves you back into regular mode.
I'd like to add that powering up the javelin taps it's energy from your energy weapon fire, which means you have to be shooting at something for it to power up. There are indicators on your ship that tells you when you're ready to fire, but the whole process probably takes 15-30 seconds depending on the amount of targets you have available to shoot at and how fast you can spin around to target.

In PvE on normal difficulty the Javelin is pretty much worthless except for "battleship" mini-boss type ships, simply because you'll destroy most ships before the javelin has the power to fire. On Advanced and Elite difficulties, it's not too bad.

Originally Posted by superchum View Post
3- Entirely up to you. Siege mode makes you turn slow. The Javelin has a small firing arc. I tend to save using it for like battleships or the "end" ship of a mission or cluster of ships. In PVP it's about as useful as the Galaxy X's phaser lance.
Using siege mode in PvP is probably a death sentence unless you have support while it powers up, or you're hitting a solo cruiser or something like that.