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07-30-2011, 10:18 PM
Originally Posted by BearClaw75
Can you go into more detail on why it wouldn't work? Like to hear all sides of this.
In terms of space combat in STO there's just much more variance than there are with other games who employ the Paper>Rock>Scissors balance paradigm. Other MMOs, for instance, have archetypes set in stone which are the Tank, Healer, DPS trinity. And while players in STO can build their characters/ships to fit such archetypes, they can also build their characters/ships to branch off from these archetypes as well, and this doesn't even begin to include team composition, which only compounds the issue.

If all engineers were tanks, and all science were heals, and all tacs were DPS, then Paper>Rock>Scissors may be more applicable, but this isn't the case. And this is not a bad thing, by any means. The abundance of available variance, and the depth which has one into Space Combat in STO is quite possibly it's best aspect. Unfortunately, this probably makes it that much more difficult to balance; but even so... and while there are some more obvious examples of imbalance here and there... I feel like, for the game being what it is, it is close enough to balanced (in Space) to be enjoyed by most.