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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
So are the assignments like Choose your own adventure novels where the choices you make change the dialog on the screen and the assignments are completely text based?

Also it would be nice that the various commendation categories have their own missions that we can do that are just like the Diplomatic missions at Bajor, Vulcan, and Memory Alpha. The minor assignments should be left to the duty officers while the major assignments should be left to the captain. My Captain or my Chief Medical Officer should get credit for saving an alien race from a nasty disease not one of my duty officers.
Assignments are fundamentally logistical challenges, not story challenges. We're deliberately not trying to duplicate mission gameplay, but rather create something complementary. As captain you see various problems and opportunities in the form of assignments, each with a description, a set of requirements, a set of risks and a set of potential rewards. You have a limited number of resources, and a major goal can be to improve the resources you have to accomplish assignments.

As for missions focused on other commendation categories, as we roll out content the plan is to integrate the commendation xp into some number of these missions as we can.