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07-31-2011, 12:04 AM
Originally Posted by stevieboysw View Post
You have intimate knowledge of how their engine works? Because it seems pretty scale-able and efficient to me. I run it at max without a sweat and my computer is two years old and not even top of the line at the time. I think you are over stating how much resources this idea will take.
It's not hard to see how inefficient the engine is. Take a game with similar 'effects and generic demands' and compare heat, resource, and variable other measures and you'll see there is an extremely large 'draw' on resources then any other comparable product. This is due to the engine not being able to scale and render well(IE: being extremely inefficient). You don't have to know how the engine is coded or 'works' to know if it's doing something well or not. I can drive a car and tell if it's running the best it can or not without knowing the compression ratio of the motor.