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07-30-2011, 11:12 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
Assignments are fundamentally logistical challenges, not story challenges. We're deliberately not trying to duplicate mission gameplay, but rather create something complementary. As captain you see various problems and opportunities in the form of assignments, each with a description, a set of requirements, a set of risks and a set of potential rewards. You have a limited number of resources, and a major goal can be to improve the resources you have to accomplish assignments.
So, we're playing a metaphor for game development? :p

I'm really excited to play this system. Here's hoping the tech hurdles are overcome.

Some players will, I think, like the micromanagement, some will like the collectibility component, some will like it for the immersion, some will like it simply for the concrete material rewards the system provides. Not everybody will absolutely love the gameplay it will be providing; that's fine. We don't expect every player to do Diplomacy, or every player to do PvP (or PvE, for that matter), or save the planet missions, or dabo. The intent of the system is ultimately to provide a significant percentage of the player base with additional gameplay that can be engaged with at any level including cap.

The single biggest reason for the amount of transparency in previewing the system has been to avoid overhyping it, to give the players as accurate a perception as possible as to what it is. The benefit of this to us is obvious - it gives us greater development insight as to what players want/like/don't like. We expressly aren't trying to overhype it; we're telling you as much as we can precisely to avoid inflating expectations beyond what we are actually delivering.
It seems like it addresses a number of gameplay types--from those that like to explore and unlock things to those that want to min-max their crew to completionists, etc.