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07-30-2011, 11:27 PM
Are you serious? I spend a lot of time with my fleet to get the borg set. I also spend a lot of energy credits for my eqipment. I also have special equipment like the red matter collector item from the collectors edition. And now you ask me to risk all of this for a PvP match where an Escort can kill me easy with his dual heavy canons?

What´s your reason for this? Do find a Fleet and do the STFs for yourself to get the items you want.

This idea makes me VERY VERY angry. It is so so REAL stupid.

During the STar Trek Collectible Trading Card Game there was a card called "Rise the stakes". It was used to get a random card from the person who loosed the game. This was the most banned card during the whole game. People who stoked this card in their deck were banned from tournaments for using it.

So when your idea would be heard, you will become a VERY lonley person.Is that what you wanted with your post?