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07-31-2011, 01:05 AM

Actually, the point is that people are on tribble and people do point out many of the problems. In fact, a Dev in the link above speak specifically to that point.
Keep in mind he's talking specifically for the Tribble Test Weekend that's a stress test.

It doesn't change that reported bugs still go to Holodeck. I figure it's simply because they have more or less fixed schedules with certain build releases, and if there is some new stuff in, some old bugs fixed, and some new bugs introduced, that patch will go live. The new bugs will be fixed at a later date. I can kinda live with the base idea - "sorry, we got this new patch, it has to be released now, because it has stuff we want to put online now. We know there are some new bugs. We'll fix them later." The problem is that "Later" is sometimes _really_ late. And that's something they need to fix.

In pratice, there seems to be a 4-step release process. 1) Internal Testing. 2) Tribble Testing. 3) Holodeck Testing. 4) Holodeck "Release". But the 3rd step is not an "official" step. It just happens, and I think that leads to weeks or months where a bug or broken item stands.