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07-31-2011, 04:38 AM
Originally Posted by BearClaw75
Was thinking and Im sure this has been said before but lets face it we all can get the BO powers we want with time and coin but the captain you are is well the captain you are.We got 3 caps right? Tact Eng and Sci.

make it so the Eng captain has the advantage vs Tact but Tact can beat Sci but Sci can beat Eng.

Eng>Tact Tact>Sci Sci>Eng

Right now its like Sci> the rest of us

Now doesnt have to be in this order whatever order ppl would like the most or whatever thing is we got 3 differnt captains no way we shouldnt have a blanced game I understand ships come into play but if you give each captain a anti power strong enogh vs the other you might "might" be able to pull this off.
Take out peng from pvp game insta balanced