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07-31-2011, 04:49 AM
Honestly, I don't like the idea of an xp boost to off-set lack of content. The real solution would be, big shocker, more PvE content for Klingons! But an out and out boost to xp gain... that screws up a lot of other stuff. The less time the entire playerbase spends in a certain level range means the less anomolies/items from that range getting snatched up, which throws the economy out of whack. Stuff will become rarer in the middle levels, meaning it costs more, but people aren't making as much money before they hit that point. And what do you do when the Klingons do get more content? Do they get to keep the xp boost compared to Federation players, leading to Feddies complaining it takes longer to level? Is the xp boost enough to potentially then cause people to miss some of the new content as they level right past it? Do you just take away the xp boost and possibly any changes to balances in terms of drops/EC/ect that had to be done in the first place with the xp boost?

I'm sorry, but it's just a terrible, terrible idea. It's a bandaid for a problem that requires stiches. Yeah it'll cover it up, maybe even help heal a bit, but the real problem still lies underneath. Additionally, creating the illusion of being able to level with PvE content at a boosted rate could make people think "well, we don't need more content"... and if people aren't asking for it, then we won't get it.

The real solution, indeed the ONLY solution, is for Cryptic to keep focusing on giving the KDF viable and varied PvE content. The very logic behind "We don't have enough content, so... XP boost!!!" is that of a crazy person, sorry.