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07-31-2011, 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
indeed... its all in the timing.

Thats why I have so many fire keys.

This might be a not so well kept secret.... but you will fire more the fewer weapons binded to each key. Honest. As dumb as it is if you bind half your weapons too 1 key and half to the other and spam them you will fire 20-30% faster... makes for a very nice heavy stream of cannons. hahaha

To test that... put your weapons on a bar... and hit a "Fire all weapons" hey... watch how the cool downs will NOT be synced......
Then split the fire keys and do the same..... it is very interesting lol.

Power can be the issue... so fire the best weapons first.
So thaaaat's why I can never get the omgwut stream of DHC fire that you guys always get :p