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07-31-2011, 08:10 AM
Originally Posted by Shinkuu_Akagan
I want to know three things about the Guramba Siege Destroyer.

1) What Ship Skill line does it feed off of? Raptor? Cruiser? BoP?

2) How does its Javelin / Siege Mode actually work?

3) How often does it generally see use of its Javelin in battle?
1. Raptor

2. Hitting the siege mode button causes your ship to rotate around, and bring its tentacles forward like a pouncing octopus. It takes about a second to change into that configuration and a second to change back. During the change you can't fire any weapons at all. The entire time it's in that configuration you will turn like a cruiser, every weapon shot you hit your enemy with will put a small energy drain on them and charge your javelin. In about the time it takes for your BO to get off cooldown you can get your javelin charged. Once your javelin launches your ship will automatically take a non-firing second to change back to a standard mode making follow up difficult.

3. The Javelin shares a CD with other beam weapon powers including Beam Overload. So, in essence, if you fly a heavy beam build with two uses of Beam Overload you could conceivably never have a chance to use the Javelin.

Originally Posted by Shinkuu_Akagan
Thanks to both of you for that info. One more question: Are Cannons Viable for the Guramba due to its slow turn in Siege mode or are beams better suited to it?
Yes, but only if you use Siege Mode as a situational tool. Out of siege mode it's a nimble ship easily on par with any other escort in the game and perfectly tooled for Cannons. If you try to stay in siege mode near exclusively you'd have a lot of trouble working with the narrow arc of dual cannons.

My personal experience has been that the Guramba works best with a near standard 2DHC/DBB/Torp weapon loadout and a single use of the BO3 power saving the siege mode as a tool for heal heavy enemies who might benefit from the extra spike damage of the Javelin following on the CD of BO3.