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07-31-2011, 10:39 AM
Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
Do the devs delay the patch until they fix the bug or do they release the patch and work on fixing it? Either way will upset players.
Here's the most common sense reason I myself can come up with for fixing the bug first and then releasing the patch:

When a patch is on the test server, the game itself is still currently live. The live version of the game at that point is working generally (not in all cases, but in most) fine and bug free. Because it still works at that point in time, I think it's much more logical to leave the live version alone, let the players continue to play a less buggy live version and get the bugs on test fixed.

The only players that get upset are the ones that are impatient and want the new patch right then and there. But see, from a financial standpoint, those players are upset and impatient, yes ... absolutely ... BUT are still hooked on the game. They want the new stuff. And will put up with waiting longer because of how hooked they are.

The current protocol is to stick to a schedule (which is odd, since they continually move their own schedule back anyways) ... and push buggy stuff live. Which then upsets the impatient players because they can't play the new stuff without having the bugs. AND upsets the patient players because the working game they were happily continuing to play while waiting for the new update, is now bugged and harder to play.

Keep in mind, I'm mainly focusing on major gameplay impacting bugs here. Things that break teaming. Break queues. Break exploration clusters. Continually cause crashes to desktop. The kinds of bugs that have made it live with each and every major season update. And the kinds of bugs that make playing the game difficult so the entire playerbase has to wait weeks (sometimes months) for that to be fixed to get back to the simplicity of just playing the game again.

I'm not really talking about walk animations at this point. I'm talking about big bugs.

But the way they do it now, both walk animation bugs and queue breaking bugs get ushered out to live server. Because they won't hold it back and fix the big bugs. They'll send it live and fix it after.

It's just, to me at least, not a very logical way of "testing" their updates.

To me ... holding it back and making sure it can go live without those major bugs ... is a much better way of doing it. It keeps the status quo of functional gameplay safer. The only cost is it increases the impatience of some players. But I say that's still not a loss since those players are very much tied into the game and are loyal and will love the stuff even after a couple weeks longer wait.

A good example of this in terms of Season 4 is ... I'd have been impatient about waiting longer but man it'd have been so much more worth my time if they'd have kept it back longer, and then been able to release new ground combat AND the DOFF system live at the same time and NOT break queues and the like.

That would have been a much better patch to move forward than what they did move forward.